Summer 2024

Five Week Pottery Class


Beginner five week pottery class is only beginners in the class. Learn the basics on the pottery wheel and some hand building.  We will teach you how to throw different forms, alter, trim, and glaze.

General five week pottery class is a mix of beginners and intermediates.  Learn the basics on the pottery wheel and some hand building.  We will teach you how to throw different forms, alter, trim, and glaze. Intermediates will explore a variety of forms and advanced technique.

*If our 5 week pottery classes is sold out for the upcoming series, and  if you would like to join us in the next series, please email your information to with preferred day and time slot below to be placed on the wait list.


General Five Week Class

Classes include overview of contemporary and historic ceramic artworks, demonstrations and hands-on wheel-throwing techniques, hand building techniques, glaze application and studio time as per evening curriculum agenda.

Adults $220

Open studio time included on certain days and times, and it’s only during the beginning and end of the five week class. Open studio is limited to 5 students. We host open studio at our new location in collaboration with Flow State, which is two blocks away from our main studio space.

Use of equipment (must bring own tools and apron, we sell tool kits for $17 and aprons for $25)
25lb bag of clay
Studio glazes, and firings included with 25lb bag

Extra bag of clay to be used in the studio is $45 and includes firing and glaze fees, tax not included.

*Firing fees will be charged for pieces made outside of the studio that you bring in.

Basic Course– Intro to Clay: Stoneware clay (cone 6) and assorted dipping glazes

Intermediates and experts welcome.  We tailor lessons to your individual needs.

DISCLAIMER: We currently own 10 working potter’s wheels therefore only 10 individuals, teen or adult can work on the wheel at a time. There are large tables and a slab roller available for hand building artworks which can be utilized by the entire class at any time. We can only run a class with a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10 students in order to best facilitate learning wheel-throwing and hand building techniques in a qualitative, informative and intimate environment. Masks are optional in our adult classes.

General Class Refund and Cancellation Policy:
For a full refund, classes must be cancelled 72 hours prior to the start of the first class.  If you are purchasing using a credit card the credit card fees for transaction will not be refunded 2.9% +.30.  If you pay in cash or check, you get a full refund.

Classes are not prorated and missed classes will not be credited. Any cancellations or rescheduling after the 72 hours prior to the start of the class will not be honored.

If a class has less then 5 students, we reserve the right to cancel the class and then issue a full refund.  Any artwork left after 30 days becomes property of the studio, we will not send notice to pick up work, it’s your responsibility once the class is over.

Additional information


General Pottery Class Saturdays 9 am- 12 pm, June 29 through July 27, General Pottery Class Sundays 9 am – 12 pm, June 30 through July 28, General Pottery Class Mondays 6 pm-9 pm, June 17 through July 15, General Pottery Class Tuesdays 9am – 12pm, June 18 through July 16, Beginner Pottery Class Wednesdays 6 pm-9 pm, June 19 through July 17, General Pottery Class Thursdays 6pm – 9pm, June 20 through July 25, General Pottery Class Thursday mornings 9am – 12pm, June 20 through July 25