Spring Break Camp 2024


During the Spring school break, we are offering a full day camp for children who want to spend their time using their hands and being creative. Children ages 6 -12 have great fun as they develop their artistic skills at Anhinga Clay Studios! Under the guidance of experienced art teachers, children learn about art throughout history while working with a variety of art mediums.

Spring Break camp is from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm, you may drop off your children as early as 8:30 am.

Space is limited to 18 students. Participants must bring a lunch and a snack.

The week is $225 or daily for $60. A sibling will get a $10 discount on a weekly rate and $5 on a daily rate.  All materials are included in the price. Space is limited. Please call to book for more than one sibling discount (if more than 2 children).

This year’s theme: Art Through The Ages
Each student will explore art throughout different times in history.  They will draw, paint, print, sculpt and use mixed media. Each day will have a specific art medium in focus.

For inquires or reservations please call Gus Miranda, 786-333-5634 or email: info@anhingaclaystudios.com

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Spring Break Camp Theme: Art Through The Ages

Monday, March 25: Primitive Art- Students will learn about cave art and create clay mask

Tuesday, March 26: Egyptian Art – Design your own cartouche and make a clay scarab beetle

Wednesday, March 27: Renaissance Art – Draw and paint like Michelangelo, and learn perspective like Leonardo.

Thursday, March 28: Impressionist and Post Impressionist – Study and paint like Monet and Van Gogh.

Friday, March 29: Color Field and Abstract Painting: Express yourself with color and other raw elements of art through print making and painting.

For inquires or reservations please call Gus Miranda, 786-333-5634 or email: info@anhingaclaystudios.com

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Monday, March 25: 1 participant, Tuesday, March 26: 1 participant, Wednesday, March 27: 1 participant, Thursday, March 28: 1 participant, Friday, March 29: 1 participant, Monday, March 25: 2 Siblings, Tuesday, March 26: 2 Siblings, Wednesday, March 27: 2 Siblings, Thursday, March 28: 2 Siblings, Friday, March 29: 2 Siblings, Whole Week: 1 participant, Whole Week: 2 Siblings